Weekend Wrap-up

On Saturday, Mike told me he sent Max across the street to help our grandparent-like neighbors spread mulch in their yard.

I knew Max would be beside himself with excitement because he loves this couple so much and even though they aren’t yet grandparents, they show a lot of love to the kids in the neighborhood. When I checked on him he was scooping mulch from the back of Grandpa Neighbor’s truck with his yellow beach shovel. What a hoot! Then when Max asked Grandma Neighbor for a cup of water she hurried him into the kitchen at once. The boy is thirsty! Get this boy some water! He is dehydrated!

A couple minutes later he exits out the front door carrying a refreshing can of Ginger Ale and exclaiming that it DOES NOT HAVE CAFFEINE, MOMMY!

He shoots and he scores!

Upon Max’s second afternoon trip outside to help Grandpa Neighbor with yard work, he came running back fifteen minutes later to ask us if GN could buy him something from the Ice Cream Truck, too. He’s a smart boy and asks Daddy who is preoccupied with power washing at the moment.

This boy’s on fire!

I have no idea why I’m using basketball phrases.

Also, this weekend we had a visit from Grammy and on Sunday we had a little birthday party for Nana. Max wanted us to buy her some golf balls and he was very excited about going to the store and picking out the ones she told him were her favorite (the white ones with the black swoosh). He also made her a card and included four quarters from his piggy bank just for her. She was thrilled!

Isn’t Max so lucky to have wonderful grandparents (many more in addition to those mentioned in this post PLUS those who care so much about children that they become just like grandparents) in his life?


One thought on “Weekend Wrap-up

  1. Grandparents are great. Its fun to watch all of the “spoiling” that goes on from grandparents and the “extra” grandparents in my sons’ lives. Thanks for sharing.

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