Saying Goodbye

This picture was taken two years ago at our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt and the little guy to the right is one of Max’s best buddies on our street.

The two of them have so much in common and love to play together. They love Buzz Lightyear, Star Wars, fighting with swords and sticks, all things armor and knight related, and for some reason, playing grocery store at our house is THE COOLEST!

They also have an equal love for their crocs and if one has them on, then the other must go inside and change his shoes right away. And it’s no surprise that they both chose to be the same character for Halloween this year.

I love his family and have become very good friends with his mommy. We met right before Max was born then really got to know each other when our boys were toddlers. It has been so nice to have a trusted neighbor down the street that is really fun to talk to while the boys play together.

This dear family is moving on Friday, though. And Max, especially, is having a hard time with that news. I didn’t do the best job at preparing him for it, though I’m not sure it would have made it easier. They’re only moving 10 miles away and we’ll still get together and bump into each other at Target, since we both live there outside our home, but it’s not the same as being able to walk over and say hi.

It will be hard to see you go and we’ll miss you in the neighborhood. Come on over to visit anytime!


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