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2 Months

Mini turns 2 months old today! She weighs 8 lbs 5 oz and is 21 1/4 inches long. At 7-8 weeks we really began seeing some major changes, like the fact that she is awake more during the day! That is so exciting!

Plus, she is smiling and cooing (it’s the sweetest sound) and responding to our goofy faces. I just love changing her diaper right now. We have the best conversations. Then when she has enough of us family, she enjoys the company of her friends.

And she also enjoys having her picture taken (not that I give her much of a choice – hee hee). Hey, speaking of pictures, here are some of my favorites from our photo session today.

There are actually two different signs being used here. The first one went missing right after we had gotten started, which really played tricks on my mind. But guess what? The sign was stolen by a certain big brother who had cleverly sneaked away to add his own name with a 5 (for his age). It was pretty funny and I should have just used it, but it had his real name on it. Just a little Sincerely Anna trivia for you.

You might want to add that one to your Trivial Pursuit game cards.

Well, it just shows you that Max really wanted to feel part of everything. He even got out his camera and made me call him Camera Boy. He then asked special permission to climb into Mini’s crib for a minute.

Which, of course, made the Star of the show a little frazzled.

“Um, who are you and what are you doing in my crib, homeboy?”

“Mommy?? A little help here please? SECURITY!”

Aw, Mini. He’s there because he loves being your big brother so much! And I’m totally to blame for that camera-in-your-face thing. I apologize.

Happy 2 Months, my beautiful diva.

Okay, one more picture. I can’t resist showing you this one.


7 thoughts on “2 Months

  1. She is so so so precious. I think she’s going to be mischievous, she just has that look in her eyes 🙂

    Ok friend, check out my blog for some crazy crazy news.

  2. I love the second picture with Max taking her picture. It looks like she’s pointing at him saying “Who is this crazy boy?!” lol. Happy two months Mini!

  3. (Can I just say that my son was 9lbs, 10oz and 21 1/2inches long when he was BORN! And Punkin was 8,11 and 22 1/2″. Holy mackerel I have big kids!! )

    She is just precious, precious! I see her picture and I just want to hug her through the screen. 🙂

  4. She is just too gorgeous. Has it been 2 months already? I’ve really been meaning to arrange a time to get together. Now that it’s after the 15th, maybe I’ll be better able to make some time!

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