Smiles All Around

Max was very excited to go to Aunt Jen’s. They went to the movies, ate pizza, built a Star Wars Lego thingy, played computer games, and stayed up late to watch basketball and hockey.

So, this basically means he now wants to move in with Aunt Jen.

Mini was equally looking forward to her time with Pops & Nana. She smiled every time I told her about how she was going to go there and be loved on every minute.

Our date night to The Cheesecake Factory was really fun. The wait for a table was excruciating long, of course, but we killed time going to Borders and walking around the mall. And eating a pretzel. Don’t worry, I had plenty of room for dinner and cheesecake. I ordered the Chocolate Tuxedo Cream and it was so, so, so good.

We had ourselves a great time!


4 thoughts on “Smiles All Around

  1. What an adorable couple you guys are. And your li’l guy is so handsome. Look at that big smile. FUN! And yay for Cheesecake Factory. My favorite is the Thai Lettuce Wraps.

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