A Day (And Night!!) ALONE!

That’s right, my friends. Tomorrow at lunch time my sweet, doting, selfless, kind, merciful, loving in-laws are taking BOTH Max and Mini to their homes. Max is going with Aunt Jen to her apartment in the city and Mini is being swept off to Pops & Nana’s up to the mountains.

So what will Mike & I be doing in a quiet house to ourselves for the night? That’s right, ya’ll. Uh-huh.


What did you think I was going to write? Oh wait, there is one more thing we will be doing. Spending a gift certificate at The Cheesecake Factory, which was the perfect gift they got me for my baby shower!

Which cheesecake should I order? I need a good day to prepare for that kind of decision.

Have a nice weekend!


9 thoughts on “A Day (And Night!!) ALONE!

  1. I didn’t look at the menu to get the right names, but I will tell you that both the key lime and the caramel apple streusel are among the foods I expect to be served in Heaven. But I’ve tried many of them and they never disappoint, any of them! Have a wonderful, wonderful time and sleep til the cows come home, girl!

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