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Mars And Venus: The Early Years

A boy decides he is bored. He wants to write a note to a friend. A friend that happens to be a girl. He spends about .2 seconds writing his name on a piece of yellow scrap paper and says he’s done. His mom thinks maybe she should help with the sentiment. She writes “Dear ___, you are my friend”.

The boy stuffs it in an old wrinkled grocery bag to deliver it to her doorstep.


The boy opens the door and runs away to hide, fast and furious.


Hours later, the girl writes her own friendship card and brings it to his door. She writes, “Dear Max. You are my best friend, too.”

And draws a pretty picture on it. And folds it cute. And decorates it some more.


Next thing the Martian knows, he’s getting married in a street-side ceremony with witnesses.

(“Don’t worry, Mommy, it was a pretend wedding”, he told me).

Oh Max. You got a thing or two to learn about girls.


12 thoughts on “Mars And Venus: The Early Years

  1. No, how scary! All I have to say is, I remember to this day the name David Mincarini, the first boy I married in kindergarten.

  2. I married Cary Bohn everyday for 2 years to the song Mirror, Mirror by EVie. Mom was the officiating pastor!
    Yes, it is a bit scary!!!!

  3. Ummm..i’m pretty sure his little princess G does NOT live by you. She is going to be heartbroken!! I’m going to have to teach him a thing or two about loyalty this weekend, if I’m right!

  4. This is adorable. Oh what a dear heart! Hold on to him (next thing you know, they’re graduating highschool sniff!)

    I must confess I found you by googling “Mars and Venus” and was delighted to find something a little different than the usual stuff. (I blogged about it today, and include a short video Gray discussing the book. I would love to hear your thoughts/opinions… including reminders that yes, guys can be sweetie pies, too..)

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