Hands-On Homeschooling

I don’t know if you’re interested in this in the SLIGHTEST but I love this new thing that Max and I are working on.  We are going to make a game/poster of his daily routine.

I came to the point this week of realizing that he desperately needed to get back to his regular routine.  He was wobbly and a little whiney.

That’s a combination heading only for trouble.

So, hello routine.  It was time.  Mini is an easy going baby and such a delight, let me tell you.  She’s content and only has one or two fussy times during the day.  And she does pretty well at night (so far).  Oh, I have to say (so far).  I know better than that!

But she is sleeping in her crib and enjoys her pacifier.  I wish someone would invent some kind of robotic arm that hangs over the crib and senses when that thing falls out so I don’t have to get out of bed and thomp! thomp! thomp! down the hall to put it back in place, but I can’t complain.  I like that she is sleeping in her own room and we can cross that transition off the list (for now).  Oh, I have to say (for now). I know better than that.

Anyway.  I got a little sidetracked. What was I talking about?

Max’s routine.  It’s imperative that we get going on this right away and for us to do that, I need his help (and to even make it look like it’s his idea).

So, I thought a project would be good.  I have been taking pictures of him doing things on his daily schedule and since he seems to like having his picture taken (and always has), we’re off to a great start on this project.  The plan is, we’re going to print out the photos, mix them up, then give him a chance to put them in order and glue them to a poster board.  It will be a game and we’ll probably make popcorn because hey! let’s have an excuse to make popcorn!

I’m figuring out that playing games is key to Max’s learning style.  He’s engaged, he can wiggle around all he wants, and it’s just fun.  He is what you’d call a kinesthetic learner.

For instance, this is how he’s learning to count to 100.


I stick my foot out and every time he spins around and touches my foot (like a board game spinner) he says the next number.

I could never do this.  I’m what you’d call NOT a kinesthetic learner.  I’d just fall over dizzy and die, I think, before I’d use this method to learn how to count to 100 (good thing I already know how to do that).

But I’m willing (and even excited) to try to understand his learning style so that we can have a great time Maxschooling.  Hey, did you see what I did right there?  I made up a new word.  I like it.

I’m looking into a Montessori math curriculum next year called Shiller Math.  Anyone have any comments about it?


7 thoughts on “Hands-On Homeschooling

  1. Anna, just want you to know I’m so impressed with your family. Someday I hope to adopt, and if your sweet family page came head to head with mine, I know someone would choose you. The birth parents must be very thankful to know that your children are so loved. 🙂 Max and Mini are lucky to have you. Keep it up.

    Great idea with the photo schedule. I’ll have to try that.

  2. I like that idea, too. We’re just getting so that parts of Bean’s routine are totally independent, and she has a hard time staying focused. Maybe a little chart of pictures would do the trick for her! 🙂 You rule, Maxschoolin’ Mama.

  3. Never heard of that math curriculum. I teach Everyday Math and LOVE it. You would not believe what my first graders can do. It is hands-on and major mental math…but the kids don’t know that they are being “mental” – they just think they are playing in centers.
    It is not one you typically find used my homeschoolers but my friend happens to use it at home with her three and has found it easy to use and her kids are doing very well.

  4. I love Singapore Math for my dd – but it’s for visual learners.

    You should totally check out Happy Phonics when you get to that phase. It’s a game based curriculum and we love it. (It’s a board game type thing though, but it might give you some ideas and you could adapt to a little more active. )

    And, you might not have to say (for now.) It’s not something I share often since it sounds a little braggy and unbelievable, but my Little Man came home from the hospital sleeping 2 4-hour stretches, and slept 7 hours by 8 weeks. He weighed 9lbs, 10oz so I have joked with my mom that that was my reward. 🙂 But, I kid you not, and he has never gone through a not sleeping stage. He’s almost 4, so, there IS hope!

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