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The Boy Behind The Camera


Max loves using this VTech camera, which is the coolest toy ever. He got it for Christmas and he is still playing with it, taking pictures and videos like a pro.

His videos are something else, let me tell ya. They’re very high-tech. In other words, he sits on the couch, points the camera at his kicking feet (since he’s too distracted by his excitement to point the camera at anything else), and sings his own theme song.

Max is all about the theme songs right now. There’s very little he does in life that isn’t accompanied by an original soundtrack coming from his own lips.

Sometimes they’re just instrumental. Full of doot-doots and dah-dahs and mm-mmms. But the ones to his videos have lyrics. Today’s version went a little something like this:

I love my Star Wars toys. I love my Legos. I love the coffee table. I love the Kleenex box. I love the staircase. And on and on and on.

He got very excited when his production was complete. He came running to me, bouncing up and down and crashing into whatever bed or couch was in the 3-room vicinity. He was filled with joy and happiness. “Mama! Mama! I finished a video! You have to see it!”

And I do have to. I set a precedence for this long ago and I will forever drop whatever I’m doing to watch one of his videos. There’s no going back, ever.

But I’m glad I do because it really does make him feel good. And in turn, it makes me feel good too. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate a child who sings songs about his love for a Kleenex box?

It’s all about the little things.


2 thoughts on “The Boy Behind The Camera

  1. I have been thinking about getting one for LIttle Miss . . . But now I can only imagine what she wo uld do with it. Who knows. One day our two might be producers – together! Now that is a scary thought! 🙂

  2. Ah yes, you just have to “give in” one time and they’ll remember forever! My son has that same camera and he loves it as well! ❤

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