Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom

Ah, yes. Sleep. Now That’s What I Needed.

You were right. What a difference a good nap makes.

On Sunday a friend came up to me at church and asked if she could bring her older children over one day to take Max to the park. You know, so I could rest or do whatever I wanted to do.

Um, let me think about tha—yes.

Well, she followed through on that invitation (she always follows through – I wish I was more like her in this way), and today she came.

She and her kids played with Max outside for an hour and a half, playing tag and collecting salamanders (19 of them – ew!) while Mini and I took naps. I slept so soundly that when I woke up I couldn’t remember where I was, who I was, or why on earth my house was so quiet.

It was like I was in the Twilight Zone.  Because the quiet thing is about as far from reality as you can get.

It was so nice of them to do this for me and I felt so rested afterwards. I had a great afternoon, as a result. So much so that I wasn’t all that flustered when Mini had spit up all over her car seat just as we were leaving for the post office in a daring attempt to get there before they closed.

That nap allowed me to take a deep breath and remain in a good mood. I brought her in, changed her, smiled and cooed with her a little, wiped the car seat, and off we went. We arrived just a minute before they locked the door. Yes!

Even better, my day ended with an impromptu girls night out. I called one of my friends and picked her up to go with me to Wal-mart and then surprise! surprise! another friend was already there. We moseyed around for a while then spent two hours talking in the car. Awesome.

Let’s do this again tomorrow, shall we?


3 thoughts on “Ah, yes. Sleep. Now That’s What I Needed.

  1. Isn’t amazing what sleep can do for you!!! I have been the same way lately and I too have come to realize that sleep is the only cure…it’s a tough one to come by though! I’m glad that you had a chance to catch up a bit!

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