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We are home!

We were greeted at the airport last night by about 25 of our loved ones holding Welcome Home posters, balloons, and gifts for both Mini and Proud Big Brother Max. It was apparent that Max was the one most excited about the crowd at the airport since he stepped back and made his own Red Carpet-like entrance. We were like “hey, where’s Max?” and there he was behind us about 20 feet flashing a big grin and waiting for the cameras.

It was so good to see all those beautifully familiar faces. I’ll never forget walking down the escalator with Mini sound asleep in my arms and experiencing a sensory feast of the sights and sounds and emotions. All our friends were smiling and cheering for the gift that God has given us in this precious new addition to our family.

The Adventure Home

Even though we were not traveling overseas for our adoption and relying on cattle-dodging taxis, nor visiting a dangerous part of the inner-city, what would an adoption trip be without a near death experience to tell? I thought we were going to avoid this common anecdote altogether since our travels were pretty smooth up until yesterday, but I was wrong.

There was a near-death experience.

My life almost ended as I knew it because of a stupid mistake I made at the airport. With all the hundreds of pieces of luggage that my husband had to lug around before we checked in, in the cold, windy, and wet snow, I was in charge of Mike’s laptop bag, containing his work computer, Kindle, and iPod.

And as we were being dropped off at the ticket counter from the rental car shuttle, guess what bag I left on the bus?

My life flashed before my eyes as panic immediately set in when we realized it was not in the pile of bags sitting on the curb, long past the time the shuttle bus was clear out of sight.

To make a long story short, and one that proves without a shadow of doubt that God really does want me to live and has a purpose for me, the rental car company finally found the bag after many calls and we decided that it was imperative that Mike leave us in order to retrieve it and hope for the best that he would make the plane in time.

They called just before we were about to go through airport security, forty minutes before take off, and I ended up going through security with all our carry-ons plus an antsy 5 year old boy and a 2-week old newborn.

To make another long story short, I broke every security rule on the list, short of carrying something of mass destruction, without even knowing it so they escorted us to the search area. Thirty-five minutes before take-off and probably when the A group was beginning to form their line at our gate.

And after receiving three or four dozen lectures on the proper clear plastic bagging of liquids (diaper cream, hand sanitizer, etc) and a full search of my body plus Mini’s body, we were cleared to go. We no longer posed a security risk to anyone at Denver International Airport.

Twenty-nine minutes until take-off, I loaded up my back like a mule and strapped Mini in her car-seat (okay, now we had twenty-four minutes to spare because that takes me forever) and headed up two escalators and jumped on the airport tram to our gate.

And that’s when the tears could not stay put. They were released from my eyes like nobody’s business. Thankfully, God had an angel sitting next to me who asked me if I was okay and he spoke words that were calming and he gave me hope that everything would be just fine.

Did I say I was making this long story short? Yeah, I don’t have an easy time of doing that. Anyway, I’ll just jump to the end. Mike sprinted to the gate, with laptop bag secured on his shoulder, and arrived out of breath exactly one minute after we did and we boarded the plane and sat in a row of three available seats in the very last row.

When we sat down, got settled in, I looked at Mike and we both took a deep breath and gave each other a kiss. We made it!

And we arrived home with no incident at all. Except for having to sit on the runway and wait for the plane to de-ice, but still. No worries at all.

Just an adventure to blog about and another testimony of God’s unending grace.


9 thoughts on “Homecoming!

  1. Oh, my!

    Given the weather here yesterday, I thought sure the near-death experience was before you even got to the airport! 🙂

    I’m so glad all of you are safe – and that the computer is safe! Wow. 🙂 And that your homecoming was so wonderful!

  2. This is the second day in a row that you’ve made me cry at my desk. I started crying when you said you were crying on the tram. I wanted to reach through my computer and offer you a helping hand. I am so glad that man was there. What an angel! I can’t imagine the paparazi-esq. entrance at the airport. Now that you are home, please start taking pictures of Mini and posting them every day!!! And start on that book!

  3. Oh let me tell you I can relate to your travel woes. When I went home for Winter Break from Madison, WI to TX we nearly missed our connecting flight–I was running (with my 3 y/o) with laptop in hands, my son’s carry-on, yelling at him to keep running and not worry about putting his shoes back on after going through security, etc. We were the LAST people to board about 3 minutes before take off! (This is because we left 1.5 hours late from O’hare–due to de-icing, etc) *sigh* It was a nightmare having to carry everything all on my own, run, and keep track of mini-me with short legs. It’s such a horrible feeling! =( However we made it and I’m glad to hear that you did too..Plus your husband made it on time & with the laptop too! Welcome home!!!!

  4. I left my own PURSE sitting out at the gate and realized it after we’d boarded our plane on our way home last month. It’s a miracle I remembered and still more miraculous it was still sitting right where I left it when I went back to get it. I’m glad y’all made it home, can’t wait to hear how these first days at home go. I know you must just feel so … tranquil-ish? To be where you all belong, embarking now on life as a family of four. God bless y’all. I am cheering at the top of my lungs for this, His latest and greatest miracle!

  5. Whew. I thought you were going to say that you left the baby behind. Awww, just your husband’s bag. Pshaw. (wink)

    Welcome home. Congratulations.

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