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What A Week! And First Pictures!

I have this pressing need to share the little things about our week here in Breckenridge and since I couldn’t seem to help but take a nap at 9 p.m. tonight, and am now wide awake, it seems like an ideal time to do some sharing.

Dude. It’s been super rad.

Breckenridge is such a cool place. Bill & Sarah live within just a few miles from downtown and they go to this really cool Calvary Chapel that meets in an old building along the main street, just at the bottom of the ski runs. This morning we did something that I’m not sure we’ve ever done before – we worshiped with professional snowboarders and we heard the word “rad” at least ten or twelve hundred times. And that was just during the sermon. Mike and I both loved it!


The view from Bill & Sarah’s front door


Mike, Max, Mini and Andrew (Bill & Sarah’s oldest) walking down the street in downtown Breck. Andrew’s Jr. High Sunday School class met in a coffee shop – how cool is that?

So nice to just hang out.

Spending this week with good friends was really needed. It was like a laid-back vacation for us. You may be wondering why we chose Colorado for our adoption, which is a great question. There are lots of reasons, but the main reason is because we had friends back in MD who had wonderful experiences with open adoptions through a Christian agency called Hope’s Promise. Well, when we sent away for the information packet it was easy to make our decision. We don’t have any other ties to Colorado other than that. It’s just a coincidence that Bill & Sarah moved out here since and it’s been a huge blessing for us to have a place to stay for an entire week, eat good food (Sarah is a great cook), play games, and just relax and hang out with close friends.


Max had a great week.

I’ll just let the pictures here speak for themselves.





Mini had her first portrait session.

Sarah is a great photographer and one day we had a little fun making a portrait studio out of her bedroom. The pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL, don’t you think?








15 thoughts on “What A Week! And First Pictures!

  1. wow, those pictures are absolutely beautiful. i’m so glad that this has been such an amazing week for you in so many ways! breckenridge looks like a beautiful place. tell bill and sarah i said hello! can’t wait to see more pics ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sigh. You look so beautiful in those ones of you and E together. (and of course, so does she.) Bean is jealous of the donut (bad idea to look at these pictures before breakfast – I have a feeling it may be a struggle to get her to eat anything EXCEPT a donut, now.) I wish I lived in Colorado, too, now. In that house across the street in the picture of the view out their front door. You guys are having too much fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Oh, now I wish we knew Bill and Sarah; I wonder if our time in MD overlapped at all. I think we must’ve just missed them. Sarah did a great job on those pics! Did she get any of Mini and Mike? And I could go on and on! I think I need you to get back home and have lots of free time to e-mail me! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love to you!

  4. SO living vicariously through this blog. How amazingly adorable can one family be? You all are so blessed! Loving the pictures every day! Can’t stop looking at her and how amazing she is, and she is all YOURS!!!

  5. I dont want to take anything away from Sarahs pictures, They do look professional, but Mini is so beautiful I think she would make a poloroid look like a professional took it.

  6. how sweet………. I am so envious of the time you’re getting to spend with the birth family. Surprisingly, I WANT to correspond with our birth mother…never thought I would but I can’t help but care about her! I feel like she is such a part of our family…

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