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Placement Day: Family of Four


I’m writing this post from our hotel room. We just had pizza delivered and Max is watching cartoons. Mike is sitting over on the bed watching as well, except he is also looking down at his chest from time to time. Mini (her blog nickname from this point on) is snuggling up against him, her daddy.

We didn’t expect that today would be the day we’d all come home from the hospital. It seems unreal to me, actually, that she is already “home” with us. Today was Placement Day. Today was the day A. signed her papers transferring guardianship over to the adoption agency, followed by a time in which we signed our papers as the named adoptive parents.

This is the day in which we cried a million tears and said goodbye to the birth family. We’ll see each other in just another week, as we planned to do for a while now. We need to stay here in CO for two weeks while paperwork is processed and the state gives us the green light to go home. But even though today wasn’t the final goodbye, it felt so in every way.

A’s entire family was in her room, along with us and the adoption counselor, and we were all on the verge of tears as we packed up everything for the cars. Many friends had come to visit in the last 2 days, bringing flower arrangements, balloons and stuffed animals. The last two days we celebrated. But as the discharge papers were signed and the mood of the room shifted, our emotions hit us like a brick wall.

I’ll never forget the image of J. (birth father) standing over Mini’s bassinet after I slowly and quietly dressed her in her going-home outfit. He was dressed in a dark suit because he had just come from church, looking so much more grown up than a high school senior. As he fixed her blanket, tears were running down his cheeks. Then he picked up Mini and ceremoniously brought her to A’s arms.

After a moment, the counselor made the suggestion that we gather together to pray. We held hands and she led us in a prayer. I wish that I could remember it word for word, it was that beautiful. We were all crying.

We took our time hugging each other and A. and I wouldn’t let go for what seemed like an eternity. I didn’t know what to say. How could I ever find the words to express how my heart breaks for her at the same time as it overflows with love for what she is doing?

Adoption is both of those things.

We’re blessed to experience this kind of love.


Mike looking at his beautiful daughter


Max holding Mini for the first time


A close-up of our baby sweet


I’m giving Mini her first bottle at the hotel


Max learning how to hold her and after taking the pictue I heard him say, “I’m your big brother” then he sang her a lullaby



40 thoughts on “Placement Day: Family of Four

  1. oh what a beautiful baby! what a courageous young woman A is! I will continue to pray for your family and hers and J’s. what a precious gift!

    and……. I am sooo excited for you!!!!, isn’t it funny how excited we can be for someone we have never met?!

  2. A mommy’s love, a daddy’s pride and a big brother’s protective embrace – the pictures capture it all!! She is so beautiful, so adorable – and so loved.

    I know the past two days have been a roller coaster of emotions; God is so AWESOME, providing HIS grace and mercy abundantly; in turn, the love and compassion overflowed……

    I am so proud of all of you.

  3. I am smiling… What a great way to start my week on this early Monday morning. She is definitely beautiful. All day yesterday I was trying to create an image of her in my head…my images did not do her justice.

  4. We all concur she’s adorable and so sweet! I can’t even imagine the range of emotions you’ve been through and how ethereal these hours and days must feel… I will keep praying for all of you and hitting the refresh button to read more the minute you have time to write it. I loved those pictures, and Max’s sweet big brotherhood captured for us to admire and enjoy.

    Please kiss that sweet girl’s forehead for me. Welcome! You are one very blessed baby.

  5. Oh, I’m picking my heart up off the floor now – what a day! Still praying for A and J and you and baby. I am SO very excited for you! I can’t wait to talk to you!

  6. My how the world shifts when I miss a day or two reading!! I am sooooo beyond thrilled for Mini’s arrival and the growth of your family. I am thankful that the delivery went well and the transition has gone smoothly. You described it beautifully–I’m having a hard time seeing throught the tears. My heart is so full for you. Congratulations!!!

    And hugs!

  7. I can’t imagine it. I have tears. Congratulations, AGAIN! 🙂 My heart hurts for those precious teenage children, giving up their baby to a loving family, knowing you can provide so much more than they could right now, recovering from childbirth, both the physical and emotional scars. And yet I am so happy for YOU. And so very thankful that they CHOSE LIFE. How courageous and selfless.

  8. This is why God chose you for this task, b/c you are handling it all so amazingly and so graciously. I cannot fathom holding all those emotions inside (and outside) of myself at one time. God bless you ALL on this journey. Precious pictures. What a sweet family.

  9. I am crying tears of sympathy for A and J, and tears of joy for you and your family. The love and sacrifice of adoption are such a beautiful picture of what God did for us. You are so privileged to have been chosen to be Mini’s mommy, and looking back, it was God’s perfect plan.

    On a lighter note…she is sooooo cute! Give that soft little head a sniff for me, would you? I love baby heads!

  10. God is so good! May He continue to give you all peace and joy during these bittersweet moments. That last picture & caption made me cry! Congratulations again on your new baby girl. Btw: I love the name (I have a 5-month old niece with that name!)

  11. Oh my goodness, i am crying. My heart is broken for A & J, May God bless them during this time.
    I am so happy for you and your family, she is such a gift from God and so adorable.
    May God continue to bless you all.
    Chris in Iowa

  12. Anna. I haven’t posted in a long time, but I’ve been keeping up with you. I am so happy for you, Mike & Max. Sweet Mini…what a beauty. My heart aches for A. & J. but how very mature of them to make this very difficult but loving decision. Knowing it is best for this little munchkin.

  13. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for you both! A family of four. That’s sounds and looks so wonderful. Mike, having a little girl is going to bring out an entirely different side of you. Let it come. I hope we can have you over for dinner soon but I’ll wait in line the with all the rest that want to hang with you! Hurry back.

    Love, Tim

  14. Oh my goodness. I don’t log on for 3 days. THREE DAYS and I come back to a semi truck of tears… So happy for you! She is truly beautiful! Your family is so unbelievably stunning!

  15. Congratulations!! We are sooo happy for you all. We will continue to pray for all of you during this time. Especially for Friday. By the way, she’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

  16. Tears in my eyes…flowing now. Beautiful baby girl. Beautiful family! You are in my prayers for Friday as you sign the final documents and head home.

    She is a gorgeous baby. Congrats and much love!

  17. Okay, I barely got through that post without total breakdown. But enough about me (wiping tears away…) CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful new baby girl. My heart swells for you and I can see the love that you already have for her.

  18. She is so beautiful! We are overjoyed for you guys! I (Kate) can not wait to hold her and see you guys with your new baby! Max you are going to make the best biggest brother ever!!!!!! We can not wait to see you all!!!!!!!!! Love ya guys Kate and Jim BREATHING!!!!!!!!!!

  19. God has given you the most precious gift in this little daughter of yours! I got teary-eyed reading this… I’m sure the whole range of emotions that everyone was feeling must have been overwhelming. The picture of Mike looking at his brand new baby girl just expresses it all…pure love.

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