Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Backwards Day

wfmwheader_16.jpgIt’s Backwards Day WFMW at Rocks In My Dryer. Instead of telling you what works for me, I’m asking what works for you?

Kids Getting Shots: Last Minute or Time to Prepare?

Max had a check-up at the pediatrician today. I knew that there was a 99% chance that he would be receiving four vaccines this morning, but I purposely left that part out when we talked about the doctor’s visit. I learned my lesson last year when he got a flu shot. I had thought I should be all “now let’s sit down and talk about what’s going to happen”. He got so anxious and worked himself up into a frenzy and it was horrible.

So. This morning I said nothing. The doctor visit was going well. We thought it was down right hilarious that he was 41 inches and 41 pounds. Like a little cube. A highlight of the exam was when he was asked to show the doctor how he could jump up and down and hop on one foot. He then told her he could ride a bike without training wheels and she gave him the biggest reaction. Way to go, Doc!

So, when the time rolled around for shots, Max was in a great mood. When the doctor left the room, I brought him close and talked about what was coming next. He got very worried but because I’m not above any sort of bribery, I told him we could go to Target and buy a new Star Wars figure if he held very still. He liked that idea and held it together through the four shots. He only cried when he thought it was over after the third one. Then we promptly left for the Big Bullseye and a happy time was had by all.

So now I know that waiting for the last minute worked for my 5 year old getting him through that traumatic experience (hmmm, did I just tell you what works for me? I can’t seem to help it!) But I am wondering -what works for you?


5 thoughts on “Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Backwards Day

  1. Bribery – whether you tell them ahead or at the last minute – bribery . . . ice cream, toys, trips to Paris – whatever it takes!!! 😉

    (Really I do usually wait until it’s just about time and then do it. I also try to be really honest about it and say that it will hurt, but they have the choice about how to respond. Blah, blah, blah . . . )

  2. I personally think it depends on your child, my oldest daughter needs to be informed of these things .0000000002 before they happen, because she will stress, wig out, and ultimately drive me insane. Once whatever “it” is over with, she is fine and moves on with it.

    My neighbors daughter is the exact opposite she needs to be told WELL in advance and she does just fine. She realized this more than ever, when her parents came in for an Easter visit and they decided to surprise “daughter” at the airport, her favorite grandparents, went to the bottom of the list for a while.

    Regardless we are proud supporters of bribery at our house as well!!!

    Good luck

  3. Well, my daughter is just getting to the age where I can explain about something that is going to happen, and she understands. So far, whenever I explain something in advance, she is much better than she is when something just comes up. However, I think with shots, I might wait until the last minute.

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