More Than You Want to Know

Amy tagged me on this meme about my middle name. I’m not following the rules like I should but I hope she forgives me. I need to try to come up with facts about myself using the letters of my middle name, Colleen.

C – Cooking Show Host Wannabe. Because I would die for Rachael Ray’s job, not to mention having multiple shows and a magazine in which I’m on the cover eating popcorn. Oh, and I make up cute words and everybody buys t-shirts with my sayings on them.

There are only two things that prevent this from happening though: I don’t cook and nobody really thinks my sayings are funny in real life.

But a girl can dream.

O – Open book. I’ve always lived life with this perspective although there are some personal subjects that have healthy fences around them. Those subjects won’t ever be talked about on my blog and I think it’s very wise to hold back. However; in a close group of friends, family, or my ladies Bible Study, openly sharing my own struggles with discretion has been very good for me.

L – Laughter. This is how I find joy in life. To have a husband and a son who makes me laugh almost constantly is a gift straight from God.

L – Lake. We have a small lake directly behind our house with a bike path. Without the convenience of not walking more than 20 steps to get to it, I would get absolutely zero exercise and Max would be destroying the furniture. So, I’m glad it’s there.

E – Elephants. I’m not a collector of elephant stuff but I like everything about them. I know lots of elephant trivia that never comes in handy in regular conversation. Mike and I would love to go on a safari one day and see these guys out in the wild where we would do our own voice-overs and make each other laugh. Mike’s impression would be a hundred times funnier than mine but I would try. While making a total fool out of myself in front of the safari guide, of course.

E – Em & Ems. That’s cheating, but I thought m&m’s deserved to be mentioned in this list. They’re my favorite and there’s no sweeter sound than that of a bag of plain or peanut m&ms being poured into a glass bowl when friends are coming over to play cards.

N – Netflix. We haven’t had cable TV in almost a year as part of our budget cuts/savings plan for the adoption. Oh, how I miss it. But with Netflix we’ve watched entire TV series on DVD and got caught up with culture, somewhat. This weekend we’ll be watching Season 3 of House and can’t wait for the new seasons of The Office, LOST, and 24 to be released. If you ever have any Netflix recommendations, let me know!

Well, that’s the end of another meme episode. Thanks, Amy, for tagging me. I’m supposed to tag bloggers that start with these same letters but I’m taking the lazy way out and tagging all of you.


2 thoughts on “More Than You Want to Know

  1. Love it! You make me laugh and that’s my favorite thing to do! And I agree Em & Em’s do deserve a place~I don’t think I’ve ever met and M&M I didn’t like…and it shows…sigh!

    I love giraffes! Don’t know much about them because I’m too lazy to learn, but I love watching and feeding them!

    Thanks for taking the time to do it and for the laughs!

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