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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Well, the case of the Melted Plastic Hairspray Can Top has been solved.  Max made a confession to the crime but in the interrogation room he didn’t sign the papers without bringing up reasonable doubt.  He even suggested a second accomplice.

Hurricane Dean.

Max has this motto: If you’re going down, bring anyone you can wit’ ya.

(I don’t know who said that or with what accent it was said but it made me laugh as I typed it)

Yes, even though we are not even remotely close to Mexico, Max blamed the 160 mph winds of Hurricane Dean for melting plastic onto the lightbulb of my beside lamp and nearly causing a fire.   This morning, following our “discussion” about lamp safety, we rode in the car and the radio was on in the background.  Max has excellent hearing (don’t let that ever fool you when it appears he’s not listening) and as soon as he heard the word hurricane he piped up with another possible suspect to the crime.

Did I have my bedroom windows open when the lamp was on? Maybe the hurricane came in through the window and blew the top of my hairspray can across the room and it landed on top of the lamp.

I kid you not.

Please, someone.  Tell me I’m going to be qualified to homeschool pre-kindergarten this year.


8 thoughts on “Innocent Until Proven Guilty

  1. Now, that is one brilliant child. He makes his aunt proud! You better hold on, I think your in for an interesting ride for the next 10-15 years.

  2. Oh that’s hilarious. As my best friend from college would say – just keep telling yourself “It’s because they’re smart. It’s because they’re smart!” he he 🙂

  3. Max is one step ahead of everyone when he is looking away and listening, I think. I agree that he is smart. Very smart. But you are very qualified. You’re the best Mom!

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