An Apple A Day


Before September gets up and leaves town, I better catch up on some blogging. Earlier in the month, we spontaneously planned a field trip out to the orchard with friends. If September = Apples, then we got it right this time. We had apples for days.



Emmie and Madeline (and her brother and sister) bounded for the apple trees with joy. Before we knew it, our baskets were getting full and heavy in the wheelbarrow. Of course, little Lucy was in it, too. It was a 3-kid job to push forward!


After a few steps, it was time to stop for some pictures. I just love these kids. They are the cutest.


Naomi and I have known each other for several years, but this year we get to see each other nearly everyday because our schedules are so similar. I’m super excited about that!


Before we checked out at the store and paid an estimated million dollars for our apples, we stopped by to say hello to the farm animals.


Then we were on our way. Just a quick field trip, but we made the most of our “apple month” and made it a homeschooling unit by getting some books at the library and making some apple pie. It made for a delicious September!


Back to School (Including Me, Too!)

My first attempt at a nice back-to-school picture didn’t go as well as I hoped.


So we took it outside.


This year, he’s working a lot more independently. We’re using Sonlight, so there are books that I read to him everyday for about 30 minutes. He still wants to sit right next to me. I love that. The book correlates with what he’s learning in history (right now, China). His school days are longer – typically he starts at 9:00 and finishes by dinner, but he gets up and moves around a lot. We combat the regular daily stuff: distraction, interruption, silliness, complaints and mood swings. He gets to see all colors of my amazing and wonderful personality, too. But everyday ends on a good note. God makes a way.

This kid. He’s perceptive, thinks deeply, acts impulsively, and can be hilariously funny. He likes to bring his comedy into every assignment, and tries to get away with writing “because stuff happened” as an answer on paper. But if I ask him for a verbal response, I can’t believe how fluid the words come. He’s such a cool kid. He does make me laugh a lot.


We’re using Sonlight Core F (Eastern Hemisphere) for history, Horizons Math, Apologia Human Anatomy, DailyGrams, Wordly Wise, and he’s taking a writing class that follows the IEW method.

Cool news: Jake auditioned for a drama troupe and will be in “A Pirate’s Life for Me” next April and has started taking piano lessons, plus he will take art, PE, and a game-strategy class at our co-op, too.

And now, Emmie’s turn. I almost forgot about her. I admit, she is so quiet that I sometimes do forget about her. She just fades into the background…




Um, yeah. Not what really happens at all. She’s in 1st grade now, and she loves school.


(that is the one and only time we’ve started school by 8:15 a.m.)


School goes pretty fast for Ms. Em and she loves every subject because she likes the activities and one-on-one time with me. She loves math and art the best. She’s really fun to homeschool, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our challenges!

She doesn’t like to sit still when I read (reading is calming for Jake, but revs up Emmie’s mind), and she asks me what’s next on the schedule the SECOND we start to work on something. It doesn’t mean she’s ready to switch, it just means she wants to know what’s coming. I’ll be honest, it’s draining! I’m not a very talkative person to begin with, but she exceeds my word-count by the millions. She’s so fun and sweet, though.


Most of the time. :)

By 2nd grade, she’ll be able to read her lessons and take off. She’ll be homeschooling me!

Speaking of which…


I am a homeschool student this year. I’m going back to high school, in fact. Our high school institute is offering a photography class and they opened enrollment up to adults in our umbrella group. So, I’m taking the class with 8 others – 6 high schoolers and 2 other moms. I am really excited! With weekly classes and assignments from September until May, I hope to finally understand how to shoot in manual. I’m super happy that Mike is supportive and encouraging me to do this, too. He has to rearrange his schedule a bit to take care of the kids, and I’m really thankful. What a great husband I have!

That sounds kind of strange coming from a high schooler.

Have a great weekend!

Back From the Beach

We are back home after enjoying a relaxing week in Myrtle Beach, SC. I don’t think I need to tell you how excited I was to hear that Mike worked ahead in his course work before we left. If my memory is correct, this may have been the first homework-free vacation we’ve had in 5 years. It made a difference for both of us, and it was much easier to relax! The weather was beautiful and we laughed all week. We had the best time!


I feel very awkward and plastic-jointed with my arm bent like so, but this picture makes me happy. The night was so much fun for us – we had just had dinner with Pops & Nana at the Hard Rock Cafe. The place was packed at 6:00 on a Wednesday, but we got a table near the bar, and the speakers started boomin’ out YMCA right around the time we got our appetizers. The wait staff obviously had been faithful in their choreography practice. I’m not sure if the men jumped in on the dancing, but Nana, the kids, and I got into it. Just a fun night. :)

Unfortunately, Jen had to get back to Atlanta for work by Thursday, so we missed her with us at the Hard Rock Cafe. But we had many other fabulous dinners together. We covered all the favorites – Mexican, Italian, seafood, and pizza. 


We are serious about our pizza. And a little unfamiliar with the sizing at this particular pizza joint. But 4 extra-large pizzas will provide plenty of leftovers for a family of seven. Just in case you’re wondering.

Mike’s parents generously gave Mike, Jen, and myself a night out on Monday (they took the kids to play mini-golf). We hit the town of Myrtle Beach! Not really. We drove .4 miles to Bonefish Grill and we were home by 7 pm, before the kids. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t LIVE IT UP with some Bang! Bang! Shrimp and a selfie to remember the night by! 


And, if you are stuck at the part where I told you we were home by 7, and now think we are too old for the nightlife (you would be correct), let me assure you we had enjoyed a moment of, say, pure and lovely immaturity. We laughed at someone else’s expense, but it was downright hilariously justified. Jen said to me, oh-so-subtle, to take a look at the woman’s shirt behind us.


How did she miss that huge price tag while putting on her shirt that night? I felt like a little girl trying to hide my giggling in church. It was so funny!

It was fun seeing Galion again. He’s the sweetest dog – he goes to work with Jen at the rehab hospital as a therapy dog, and his personality is so sweet. Emmie is allergic to him, poor thing, but she was loaded up on Zyrtec and wanted so badly to play with him. She would do everything in her power not to pet him or pick up his toy or tennis ball. Soon, she figured out that she could kick his tennis ball down the hallway and play fetch that way. She wanted to go on all the walks and her enthusiasm for everything he did was up at a level eleven. She wanted to know what Galion was doing 24/7. Both the kids loved him and hardly gave him any time to rest.

DSC_0956 - Version 2

I always love getting a family picture, but I’m not the best at leading the event. I picked this same spot that we took a pic last year, but didn’t consider how bright the sun was that time of day and I had forgotten my tripod at home, too. So, we asked someone to take our picture and at first glance looking at my camera, I didn’t think we had a good one (he took exactly 2 photos; I didn’t have the nerve to ask him to stand there and take the preferred fifty million). Oh well. The sun was so bright. Someone was bound to have their eyes closed in one of those pics.

Sure enough.

DSC_0957 - Version 2

So, the fact that the first family picture turned out decent is kind of a Myrtle Beach 2014 miracle.

This, in addition to another miracle on the same day. Mike had left his wallet behind on the bench and discovered it missing after we got back from dinner. But we called the police station and they had it! A kind citizen had dropped it off (9 miles away)! Thank you, God!


More pics from the beach. Goodbye, summer! We’ll miss you!





IMG_0783 IMG_0741IMG_0777IMG_0782 IMG_0794 IMG_0796 IMG_0808

The Sleepover That Didn’t Involve Sleep

I’m attempting to write this post on my phone. We are on our way to the beach for a family vacation, and I’m hoping to unplug as much as possible while we are gone. But first, there are things I need to write about and document here on the blog. I have a feeling my son, who is turning 12 in a month, will forget how cool of a mom I once was. He’s at an age where he seems to think otherwise…a lot. So, while we are in the midst of pre-teen selective memory and recall, I feel there is a need to write this down in clear type.

Dear Jake,
You asked to have a sleepover for your birthday. I said yes. Including you, there were 8 – yes, eight – boys in our townhouse. I said yes. We had the party a month early so we could make it a pool party, too. I said yes. It happened.

Okay. I know I am absolutely out of my mind for agreeing to this. Mike thought I was crazy (and seemed to relish in the fact that I was a tad over-zealous when I first sent the invitations out. Or when I thought it would be a good idea to supply everyone a pool noodle. Or when I showed Jake a picture of a Hobbit cake on Pinterest that I declared quick and easy. He knew.) Every mom who came and dropped off their son sorta relished in my rose-colored glasses, as well. As they sped away, I’m sure they felt nothing but empathy for me, though.

Well, here’s how it went down. 8 middle school boys, together in one house, or together in one universe, are extremely loud. And unfiltered. I’m not talking about crude language or anything like that, because this group of boys are actually pretty good about following those rules. I’m just talking about their thoughts, their opinions, their egos, their “humor.” No filter. Nada.

But hey. They are immature and in the awkward middle school years. Some of it was humorous, some rather annoying. Most of it was a personal reminder that Jesus loved me when I was that age, and these kids also need to be shown love. Feeling accepted is critical.

Anywho, this sermon to myself is over. Let’s get back it displaying my cool mom-ness so Jake won’t forget.

The boys arrived at our house at 4:30, and we walked over to our pool. That is when we saw what happens when a bunch of boys get pool noodles (that the pool had) in their possession. That is also when we decided that the noodles I bought for outdoor games later would kept in the trunk and would forever be hidden from existence.


We had pizzas and cokes and stayed until the pool closed. Mike walked home with the kids and I drove home by myself and enjoyed the last 5 minutes of peace and quiet for the night. If I had been smarter, I would’ve grabbed a quick nap at the one red light between the pool and our house. Because I would’ve needed that.

After we got home and they were forced to wait for the front door to be unlocked, we had their attention for 45 seconds. We used this time wisely to go over the rules. No yelling or running in the house. No horsing around or wrestling in the house. Be careful, but tell me if you spill any thing. And lights out at midnight and go to sleep.

More on that in a minute.


We had some tag games and other outdoor games planned, but they bombed after 5 minutes. The boys just wanted to go in for cake.


The Hobbit Hole cake I saw on Pinterest was a big hit. It was easy to make thanks to the blogger’s step-by-step photos and a specific shopping list, but it was a multi-multi step process doing it together with the kids that brought sweat and tears. What a cool mom, right?!



I know I’m at least a classy mom with that roll of paper towel in lieu of party napkins.

So, did the boys sleep? No, not more than a couple hours. There were many reminders and threats before 4 a.m finally came and the house was quiet. But sleep didn’t last long before someone’s alarm went off and they all woke up at 6:00 to play Super Smash Bros.

And, I bet you’re wondering if they followed our other rules. Actually, they did! I was proud of how Jake enforced the rule of not horsing around I’m the house. He totally blamed me for them not being allowed to have an epic pillow fight around the tv and all the lamps and sharp corners and stuff. (I’m okay with that.) One of his friends protested and it made me laugh. He said, “aw, c’mon, it’s a sleepover. What are we supposed to do? Talk about our feelings and who we have a crush on?”

They watched movies (The Hobbit 2 and The Lego Movie), ate lots of food (they loved the Chickfila nuggets platter, which was a good idea), played with Legos, and goofed off with out knocking over lamps or causing someone to bleed in the basement. I was impressed that they were able to watch both movies, but it was still a long night!!


So, before I finish here, let me just say one thing about having a sleepover with 8 boys for a birthday one month in advance that might or might not be forgotten by the time I do my next annoying or embarrassing act as Jake’s mom. I am glad we had the sleepover because I’m glad to have had the chance to get to know his friends. They are pretty cool kids. I’m thankful for that. Maybe I’ll like them even more with more sleep, though. Let’s just be honest about that. ;)


A Summer Summary

Woah, baby. The last time I blogged, I was posting pics of the 4th of July. What a fast-paced summer it has been! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

Our mornings were pretty lazy (just the way God and my slow-poke self intended them to be) except when we had to be somewhere. A few weeks this summer, we did have to get out before the crack of 8:30. We managed.

The kids LOVED their time at VBS. They made new friends, loved the music, remembered the daily lessons that came with some kind of science experiment to take home, and enjoyed the theme in general. Weird animals. How fun!


Jake got to participate in a fun camp at the Apple store. The camp was held before the store opened Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and they learned how to edit video in iMovie and add background music in Garage Band.


Jake used his iPod Touch to shoot a video, uploaded it to a flash drive, then edited it the next day at the camp. First, he sketched out a story board, then he went straight to casting. His sister got to play the role of a princess in distress (whose stuffed friend was taken from the Stuffed Animal Mafia) and he played the brave hero with amazing sword skills. It was really funny! On the last day of camp, they showed the movies and each camper’s video was so unique and creative.

I had to stay in the store while the camp was being held (legal fine print, but clever marketing, huh?). So we passed the time by playing on the devices. This girl loves her some photo booth.


On the last day, we treated ourselves to lunch at the food court. It was a fancy remodeled food court. The kids immediately got comfy and could’ve lounged while eating waffle fries all afternoon.


Some of our summer days were spent at the pool, doing ministry stuff (Bible Study for jr. high, gym games for kids in the neighborhood next to our church, planning for upcoming activities), and preparing for another year of homeschooling.



Emmie became a pro at predicting when my nerves at the end of a summer day needed calming down. Usually, it was as soon as we were handed the B1G1 coupon from the Target register.


Isn’t it nice of her to suggest that?

Hey, did you notice she lost her first tooth?



She was so afraid to have it pulled! SO much drama. But one night she let me pull it out after she prayed for God to make her brave. It was the sweetest prayer, followed by the most darling moment of relief. I believe God used it to build her faith. God answered her prayer!

But then more drama came (aren’t we all just like that?!) when Tooth #2 was ready to come out. Daddy pulled that one.

This summer has brought lots of growth for this little nugget.

She loves Jesus and sings worship songs all the time. Here she’s singing “Marvelous Light” with motions. Bunny and Kitty are into it.


She’s also been very interested in reading her baby album and hearing her adoption story. I’ve grown used to, and welcome, being asked deep questions from both my kids at the most random times and locations. Emmie’s going through a stage right now where it’s happening a lot. Recently, she tapped on the window as I was pumping gas and wanted to talk about her Placement Day. She’s putting pieces together (and I’m so, so thankful for that because it’s healthy) but feeling new emotions and understanding just a little bit more. It’s both hard and good. I’ll remember the summer of 2014 as being one of her adoption “milestones” when she felt free to ask questions and we had some of those tender, important conversations. I love her so much.




She’s growing up! Here she is in her newly arranged room – exactly how she wanted it. She was handed down a large doll house, so we needed to move the furniture to make room for it!

And here she is on our jr. high beach day – just playing with the big kids like it’s no big deal.


And looking so cool running her first 1-mile race.


This guy grew up a lot this summer, too.


He is now officially part of our jr. high group, finished the Bible Study book without too many reminders, went on a guys-only weekend with Dad, had a sleepover with 8 friends, got his first pet-sitting job, and learned the hard way about why you don’t put your hard-earned money in your pocket before you go into the ocean. 


But, he also learned how to get over something you can’t control and not let it ruin your beach day with friends.


And a Sonic milkshake helps, too.

Hope you’ve had a memorable summer, too!


Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July was pretty low-key for us this year. Mike’s school schedule has been crazy lately (we are near the end, friends – only 3 more classes to go!) so he went to his office all day. Boo. The weather was perfect for outdoor fun, too. Oh well, THIS IS THE LAST summer of seminary. That’s what I’m hearing in my head on repeat.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from five summers in Seminary, it’s that family fun can still be had even in the intense overlap weeks. We just have to be creative.

The night before the 4th (uh, that would mean July 3rd. Why didn’t I just write that?) we popped on over to Rita’s after dinner for a spontaneous outing. Ice, custard, and some happiness.


And, of course, some goofiness.


On the 4th, the kids and I didn’t do much of anything except go to the pool with friends. But that was awesome, actually. I felt like we needed a little something special for dinner that night, so when Mike was on his way home, I got busy and ordered Outback. Nothing says Happy Birthday, America like a bloomin’ onion from Curbside Takeaway.

And some ribs and chicken on the barbie, of course.


I was so indecisive about what to order. I don’t usually get a craving for ribs, but these were tasty.

About 8:00, after Mike squeezed in some reading about Isaiah in the few minutes after we were finished eating (good grief, Seminary!!) we headed out to meet up with friends for the fireworks. They told us about a perfect viewing spot they found last year. Local friends, I’ll let you know where it is so you can hang out with us next year. We still had some traffic coming home (that part is the worst!) but I loved being able to watch from the back of our van.



The kids were so funny. Emmie dressed up, making sure she wore her “sweater vest” and my reading glasses from CVS and Jake wore that big ol’ cowboy hat. For America. At first he had on a Western shirt to go with it, but it turns out he can be reasoned with from time to time. Those kids. They go all out.

The fireworks were great and I always get a little sentimental when we watch them. Sitting next to Mike, leaning in with my arm wrapped around his, I love thinking back to when he proposed during the fireworks 17 years ago. We had no idea what the future held. Just look at what God has blessed us with in that time!


(I kinda wish I hadn’t worn a hat all day)

(but I kinda love that Mike was the one who took this)

It just makes me feel all the more excited about the years to come. And even more so when seminary is over.

I hope you enjoyed the 4th, too!

Camp Season

The kids just finished 2 weeks of camps which meant I had a little bit of time to myself each day. Well, most days. J was not feeling well for sports camp this week, so he was my sidekick on two occasions.

Yesterday, I took him to the doctor to check for strep, which came back negative. He perked up a bit after that news; I think he was relieved that he wouldn’t have to take medicine. She joked around with him and said that it still wasn’t a good idea to share germs or kiss any girls. She teasingly asked if he was doing that at camp. He answered with a smile, “not yet.” Then shot me with a certain look and gesture.


Picture taken earlier this month, but that’s what I’m talking about.

Oh Lordy. That kid.

The last day of sports camp was today (J did basketball and E did fundamentals for 3-6 year olds) and they both had fun. E made lots of best friends.


(Did you notice I’m not using their nicknames Max and Mini anymore? I think it’s time… just because they’re getting older and we don’t call them Max and Mini in real life. So I felt a little silly nilly keeping it up on the blog.)


Last week (Camp Week #1), J went to FCA camp and was part of the sports media team. He was so excited to go! We have many friends at church who support Fellowship of Christian Athletes in various ways, so he had heard from many people about it. At first he was going to do wrestling (which they ended up canceling anyway) but when he heard about Sports Media his eyes lit up.



Photo Credit: Katie S

The sports media team went around taking pictures and interviewing campers and coaches for a daily e-newsletter, but they gave J the job of making a video on his iPod. He shot video all day long of different things and they just let him be creative. He loved doing this so much. He made the videos with the iMovie app and we could see how he improved each day with his shooting and editing.

He came home each night so energized but physically wiped out. All day he had focused on the videos, but it was mixed with a crazy fun camp experience with great music, speakers, and meeting in their huddles (small groups). Their power verse was Colossians 3:17. On the first day he said he couldn’t wait to go back next year!


Here’s the last video he made for the daily newsletter that was emailed to parents. So proud of him and thankful for the coaches (and a couple of professional TV/film friends) who invested in the team. It was a week he won’t forget!